What we're about...

High & Low – it’s not about class; it’s about sass. It’s your mood, your attitude. Upscale, down home. High flier, low rider. Walking on air, salt of the earth. Shout it from the mountaintop, keep it on the down low. High jump, how low can you go?

The answer is all of the above, all in one, all together. Proudly contradicted, never conflicted, our winery has all of your moods covered. So drink up, get down, just never be middling. Here’s to the high and low in all of us!

Winery & Tasting Rooms

Whether you're in a to-the-nines mood or a devil-may-care mood, we got ya covered - The High Tasting Room is an elegant setting with a French salon vibe. The Low Tasting Room is a rustic setting with hints of an industrial vibe.

Vineyard & Outdoor Seating

Summer in Ohio might be brief and fleeting, but we made the most of it for outdoor seating - The deck and patio have Adirondack chairs, a fire bowl, and a walk-up wine bar for a comfortable and relaxing experience. The vineyard is a short stroll farther back. It has pergola trellises in the rows to allow for intimate seating under the vines, and a lawn and garden in the center is perfect for larger gatherings.

Clubs & Events

We offer a wine club, of course, but there are so many other activities that pair well with wine - books, movies, yoga (best to enjoy wine afterward).

Special Occasions

Life is full of big moments - birth, baptism, high school graduation. We don't necessarily want to be a part of those, but, after you're 21, count us in! Be it a wedding, shower, birthday, anniversary, or me day, we can offer a range of private seating options to make your occasion special.